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Types of Wedding Cards Payyoli and their Designs

Payyoli wedding cards are a unique type of invitation card, and one of the oldest forms of wedding cards. They are made from natural materials such as bamboo, wood, and grass, and feature intricate designs that have been used for centuries in Kerala. These cards are truly unique and special, and a great way to show that you care when inviting someone to your wedding. The natural materials used for these cards make them eco-friendly, and the intricate designs will definitely leave a lasting impression. Payyoli wedding cards are perfect for anyone looking for something different and unique to send out for their special day.

What are Wedding Cards Payyoli?

Wedding Cards Payyoli are a type of traditional wedding invitation card that is made from special handmade paper called Payyoli paper, which is locally sourced in the Indian state of Kerala. This paper is traditionally made from a combination of wood pulp, cotton fibres, and handmade elephant dung, giving it a unique texture and quality. Since this paper is only available in Kerala, it is difficult for those who do not reside there to access it. To counter this, some vendors have begun selling Payyoli paper online. The cards created from this special paper are used to invite people to attend the wedding ceremony, making them an integral part of the whole wedding process.

Why Should You Choose Wedding Cards Payyoli?

Wedding Cards Payyoli is the perfect choice for those looking for a wedding card that feels special and unique. Our quality paper and intricate designs make our cards stand out from the rest, while still providing a classic and timeless feel. Our cards are perfect for those who want to make an effort to make their wedding as special as possible. With a wide variety of designs to choose from, you can ensure that the card your guests receive will be the perfect reflection of your unique style and taste. Plus, with our competitive prices, you can have a card that is high quality without breaking the bank!

Customized Options Available with Wedding Cards Payyoli

Customized wedding cards Payyoli offers a range of options for couples to create unique and memorable wedding invitations. From fonts and colors to paper types and sizes, couples can customize every aspect of their invitation to reflect their own personal style. Whether you’re looking for something classic and elegant, or more modern and fun, Payyoli’s customization options allow couples to make the perfect wedding invitation that fits their style and budget. With easy-to-use design tools, couples can create a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation they’ll cherish for years to come.

How to Purchase from Wedding Cards Payyoli

If you’re looking to purchase a unique card for your special occasion, Wedding Cards Payyoli offers a wide selection of high-quality cards that will make your event truly memorable. Their collection of cards is perfect for any celebration, from birthdays and anniversaries to engagements and weddings. Each of their cards is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that you get a card that is truly special and stands out from the rest. Not only do they offer an array of beautiful designs, but they also feature unique colour schemes and personalized messages that will make your event extra special. Make sure you check out Wedding Cards Payyoli when looking for the perfect card for your special occasion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of a wedding card from Payyoli?

Payyoli has significant cultural and religious significance in India. In Hindu wedding ceremonies, Payyoli is an important region that is associated with the giving of wedding cards to the bride and groom. It is believed that the cards are an expression of god’s blessings and good luck for the couple’s life ahead. They also represent the continuity of tradition and the beginning of a new journey for the couple. Apart from blessing the couple, the cards also bring joy to the guests and their families. The cards symbolize the deep bond and commitment the couple is making to each other. Additionally, they serve as a reminder of the love the couple shares for each other and their families.

What are some of the most popular designs available for wedding cards from Payyoli?

Payyoli offers a variety of beautiful designs for wedding cards, ranging from modern and contemporary designs to more traditional and classic designs. Popular modern designs include laser-cut floral patterns, gold foil details, and intricate leaf designs. Traditional designs include calligraphy, floral motifs, and geometric shapes. Payyoli also offers an array of unique and creative designs such as watercolour art, quilled art, and hand-painted designs. For those looking for something more personalised, Payyoli can also customise cards according to a client’s preferences and wishes.

How do customers customize their wedding cards from Payyoli?

We will send the PDF design to view the proof design. Carefully read through all the text on your wedding card, including names, dates, times, and addresses. Check for any spelling, or grammar mistakes then confirm for printing

How much time does it take to deliver a wedding invitation card Kollam?

The delivery time for all wedding cards depends on several factors. Typically, it takes around 1-3 working days for processing of the cards once the order is finalized. After that, the shipping time will depend on the chosen shipping method and the destination. Domestic deliveries within the same country may take an additional 1-4 days, while international deliveries can take longer, ranging from 1-2 weeks or more, depending on the location.

What types of wedding card designs does Rayon Invitations offer Payyoli ?

Traditional Wedding Card Designs Payyoli

Floral Wedding Card Designs Payyoli

Floras Kraft Design Payyoli


Laser Cut Wedding Card Designs Payyoli

Minimalist Wedding Card Designs Payyoli

Vintage Wedding Card Designs Payyoli

Christian Wedding Invitation Card Design Payyoli

Hindu Wedding Invitation Card Design Payyoli

muslim Wedding Cards Payyoli

Elegant and Classic Wedding Cards Payyoli

Personalized Photo Wedding Cards Payyoli

Customizable Wedding Cards Payyoli

Invitation Cards Kollam

Wedding Invitation Cards Payyoli

Wedding Card Printers Payyoli

Wedding Cards Payyoli

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