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Wedding Cards Kerala

Hey there, lovebirds! Are you ready to embark on an enchanting journey to God’s Own Country, Kerala? We are thrilled to introduce our blog, Wedding Cards Kerala, where we’ll be diving into the mesmerizing world of traditional and contemporary wedding card designs in this picturesque Indian state. From the serene backwaters to the vibrant festivals, Kerala is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. And what better way to capture its essence than through its breathtaking wedding invitation cards? With a blend of elegance and uniqueness, these cards reflect the beauty and traditions of Kerala weddings. So whether you’re a soon-to-be bride or groom, a wedding planner, or simply a lover of all things wedding-related, let’s delve into the captivating world of wedding cards Kerala style!

Wedding Traditions in Kerala

Wedding Cards Kerala in Kerala not only serve as invitations for the event, but also act as a form of communication displaying the culture and customs of the state. The cards are unique and intricate, usually featuring traditional symbols and icons including the god of love, Lord Krishna, engaged in music or dance. While the cards may vary from different religious beliefs and castes, the structure of card remains the same-an invitation with details of time, place and other information about the wedding. Furthermore, the card is an important part of how Kerala portrays its culture and heritage through such invitations having festive colors or traditional motifs. All in all, wedding cards play a significant role in communicating customs and traditions of Kerala.

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

These cards are often filled with intricate artistry, reflecting the family’s social status and traditional values; this makes them highly sought after by those who wish to preserve their heritage Furthermore, these cards are more than just physical artefacts of a long-gone era, they are symbols of family pride and dedication. With these cards, families can articulate and pass on their cultural values to the younger generations and in a sense, keep their heritage alive through the years. This is why these cards are so highly sought after; they capture the essence of tradition in every intricate artwork.

Types of Traditional Wedding Cards from Kerala

Traditional wedding cards from Kerala can be broadly categorised into two types – the Ezhuthinirppu cards and the Papilio cards. The Ezhuthinirppu cards are characterised by their use of traditional elements like Kathakali figures, elephants, and temple motif designs. They are usually printed on thick, textured paper and feature intricate artwork. On the other hand, Papilio cards stand out due to their modern, minimalistic appeal. These cards are usually printed on thin paper with delicate doodles and script fonts that add a touch of elegance to the invitation. While both types of traditional wedding cards from Kerala have their respective advantages, choosing the right card can be a difficult task.

Popular Etiquette for Inviting Guests with Wedding Cards in Kerala

In Kerala, Wedding Cards Kerala are sent out to each guest several weeks before the actual wedding day. These cards often have intricate designs that reflect the local culture and customs. The designs usually feature colorful and traditional motifs such as birds, flowers, and palaces. Some may even include images of Hindu gods like Krishna or Ganesha. Additionally, the cards can be written in either English or a regional language such as Malayalam. Of course, these cards are not just any ordinary piece of paper! They are meant to be treasured keepsakes that symbolize the special bond between two families.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do wedding invitation cards typically cost Kerala?

The cost of wedding invitation cards can vary widely depending on several factors such as design, materials used, customization options, and quantity ordered. For simpler and more budget-friendly options, you can find wedding invitation cards starting from around INR 12 to INR 50 per card. These cards may feature standard designs, basic printing techniques, and standard paper quality.

How can I purchase or order wedding cards from Kerala ?

Many makers now have websites and online stores making remote purchases easier. One can browse through the collections online and order. Many also offer worldwide shipping or sample cards to make selection easier.

What are the different types of wedding cards available in Kerala?

There are various types of wedding cards available in Palakkad, ranging from traditional to contemporary designs. Some popular options include laser-cut cards, foil-stamped cards, embossed cards, and scroll invitations. These cards come in a variety of materials such as silk, velvet, and handmade paper, allowing couples to choose based on their preferences and wedding theme.

What types of wedding cards are popular in Kerala?

Traditional handmade cards with floral motifs, Hindu gods and goddesses, peacocks, elephants and Kathakali dancers are popular. Cards made from wood, sandalwood sheets, banana leaves and palm leaves with engraving are also in demand. Some modern designs incorporate contemporary trends too.

What types of wedding card designs does Rayon Invitations offer Thrissur Kerala?

Traditional Wedding Card Designs Wedding Card Printers Thrissur Kerala

Floral Wedding Card Designs Thrissur Kerala

Wedding Cards Thrissur Kerala

Floras Kraft Design and Printers Thrissur Kerala


Laser Cut Wedding Card Designs Thrissur Kerala

Minimalist Wedding Card Designs Thrissur Kerala

Vintage Wedding Card Designs Thrissur Kerala

Christian Wedding Cards Kerala

Hindu Wedding Cards Kerala

muslim Wedding Cards Kerala

Elegant and Classic Wedding Cards Kerala

Personalized Photo Wedding Cards Kerala

Customizable Wedding Cards Kerala

Invitation Cards Kerala

Wedding Invitation Cards Kerala

Wedding Card Printers Kerala

Wedding card models Kerala

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