Trending E-Invite Design Ideas for your Marriage

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Trending E-Invite Design Ideas

Our wedding invitation templates can help you create your dream wedding invites in minutes!

We recommend going with E-Invite Design for the occasion. E-invitation cards for weddings are great for multiple reasons like cost-cutting, convenience and you get to play around with the templates. Also, let’s not forget about the fact that e-invites are right now in trend. So, that is why we have pulled out some amazing e-invite ideas for you to take inspiration from for your upcoming intimate wedding. From caricature designs to adorable doodle ones, we have a plethora of options ready for you!

Caricature E-Invites

Caricatures are huge when we talk about e-invites. It’s a sweet way to invite your guests or send the save-the-date invite to them with your and your other half’s faces drawn on the invite.

If you’re not getting a caricature made of yourself, your other option can get doodle e-invites. Doodle e-invites are classic, simple, and can be done in multiple themes. Usually, doodle e-invites work really well for save-the-date invites but you can opt for this also for your big day. Oh, and the best part? You can literally get anything doodled and have your invite customized as per your liking. Scroll below to get some major inspiration for your e-invites!

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