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Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards | Wedding cards & Invitation Cards

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An Islamic, Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards also called the Nikaah, is a combination of rich customs, traditions & rituals. Each ritual has its own significance and meaning and is often conducted in the presence of close friends and family who will bear witness to the couple’s holy union. Our Muslim Wedding Cards are a true reflection of the rich traditions and customs of Islam. Let Indian Wedding Card have the honor of announcing your upcoming Nikaah to the world!

Our Muslim Wedding Invitation Cards have a spiritual and regal quality about them. We have one of the widest selections of Nikaah cards anywhere, ranging from simple designs featuring a religious motif or a printed verse from the Holy Quran to something more lavish and opulent such as designs from the Mughal period. In addition, you can further tailor your Nikaah announcement by selecting a medium such as an elegant scroll, handmade paper, or a simple Islamic Nikah Invitation Card.

When we began making our Islamic Wedding Cards collection, we consciously steered away from the typical designs we had always seen around us. Our aim is to bring a fresh take on the Muslim marriage Invitation, and Muslim Wedding Cards that reflect the beauty of this auspicious occasion and set the right tone for your Nikah Ceremony.

Muslim marriage Cards are well known for their consistent blend of minimalism, artistry, and the exquisite and elegant theme of the wedding. incorporate the same theme and characteristics in their Nikkah wedding cards which makes the recipient portray the theme and mood of the prosperous day. Muslim marriages comprise two main events for which two Muslim invitations are made, which are Nikkah (marriage) and Walima (post-marriage gathering). Both events are held with the utmost care, and it means a lot to them. For this two-great event, two cards are made Nikkah Invitation Card and the Walima Invitation card. For such a beautiful wedding, it can be justified only with a unique best-in-class Muslim marriage Invitation that makes a lasting impression in the minds of the guests.

We understand your requirements and provide you with a large range of cards for your Wedding Cards at a cost-efficient, cheap and affordable price without sacrificing the quality. We have an enormous volume of unique first in class designs of Muslim Wedding Cards designs that have been crafted to perfection by our in-house experts.

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